XRS 9945

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The XRS 9945 provides total protection and peace of mind with Super-Xtreme Range Superheterodyne™ Technology, detecting all 15 radar/laser bands with its super-fast lock-on detection circuitry. The unit provides extra detection range and the best possible advance warning to even the fastest of POP mode radar guns. Other features include Cobra exclusive full-color ExtremeBright DataGrafix® Display, an 8-point electronic compass, Voice Alert™, car battery voltage display/low car battery warning and much more.

With the optional GPS Locator and AURA™ Database, upgrade your unit to alert you to verified Speed and Red Light Camera locations, dangerous intersections, and reported Speed Trap locations for entire United States and Canada (purchase and subscription necessary).

Высший радар. Пользуюсь почти год. Никаких претензий. Ложных срабатываний почти нет.
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